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Christopher Harvie is an expert on “academic liberalism in Victorian Britain,” has taught at the Open University, and served as Professor of British Studies and directed the British regional studies element of the International Economics faculty at Tübingen. He is Honorary Professor of Politics at Aberystwyth, and of History at Strathclyde. His publications include Fool’s Gold: the Story of North Sea Oil (1994), Broonland: the Last Days of Gordon Brown (2010), and Scotland the Brief: a Short History of a Nation (2010). He stood for the SNP in the 2007 Holyrood elections, and was returned as List Member for Mid Scotland and Fife. He was an MSP until parliamentary dissolution on 22 March 2011, and served as a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee and as Parliamentary Liaison Officer to the First Minister.

Fri 24 Apr, 2015 - 4.30pm

Dalriada: A Romance of Invention


Weaving history with cinematic flourishes, Darlriada is a steam-age Waverley, set at the start of World War I, in the Scotland that Germany’s leaders mistakenly wrote off as irrelevant. It’s an experiment in extreme situations, where morale and technology intersect, and airmen, soliders and politicians are forced to calculate the outcomes of their decisions using changing, unreliable data.

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