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Sat 13 Apr, 2013

Conan Doyle, our forgotten Historical Novelist

From Sir Nigel and the White Company to Brigadier Gerard


While Sherlock Holmes has become a commonplace, many of Conan Doyle’s other literary creations have been sidelined. Here, Conan Doyle’s biographer, the distinguished historian Owen Dudley Edwards speaks about Doyle’s historical fiction.

In the twenty-one stories of Brigadier Gerard, published between 1894 and 1910, he takes us into the Napoleonic wars seen through the eyes of a French hussar officer, modelled on a real-ife character, whose comic adventure stories presage both Flashman and Sharpe.

In The White Company, Doyle looked back to the Hundred Years War and the Black Prince’s campaign in Spain. The 1906 novel Sir Nigel also explored the hundred years war, though sixteen years earlier. Micah Clarke, owing much to Macaulay’s History, offers a vivid and accurate account of Monmouth’s Rebellion in 1685.

Conan Doyle held his historical novels in much higher esteem than the Sherlock Holmes stories. Here is your chance to judge whether he could have been right.

  • Date: Sat 13 Apr, 2013
  • Time: 11.00am
  • Venue: Anatomy Lecture Theatre
  • Ticket Price: £5.00
  • Concessions: £2.50
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